Toe Straight

Enderezador de dedos

Gently realign hammer toes, overlapping or crooked toes Endereza suavemente los dedos martillo, dedos encimados y dedos torcidos
Great Idea!! Went shopping and found these padded Profoot Toe Straight and put one on as soon as I got home. WOW!! In 4 hours, there was a marked improvement. Christine
¡¡Gran idea!! Fui de compras y encontré estos Profoot Toe Straight acolchados y me puse uno en cuanto llegué a casa. ¡¡GUAU!! En 4 horas, hubo una notable mejora.

Toe Straight

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This isn’t just some measly splint; it’s a non-bulky, foam toe loop that gently realigns hammer toes by holding two or more toes together to stabilize and straighten them. With special cushioning, there’s no need to worry about rubbing or irritation on the top of your toes. So you can relax as your toes realign at a healthy rate.

No se trata de una mera tablilla; es una delgada banda en espuma para el dedo que delicadamente realínea dedos en martillo sosteniendo juntos dos o más dedos para estabilizarlos y enderezarlos. Con su acolchado especial ya no tendrá que preocuparse por fricción o irritación en la parte anterior de los dedos. Así es que relájese mientras sus dedos se vuelven a alinear a un ritmo saludable.

  • Thin enough to wear in shoes
  • Suficientemente delgado para usarlo en el calzado
  • Made of nylon, lycra, and foam
  • Hecho en nylon, lycra y espuma
  • Washable and reusable
  • Lavable y reutilizable
  • Two loops per package
  • Dos bandas por paquete
When using the PROFOOT Toe Straight, how long does it take to see an improvement of the toe? Do you wear it every day?
Toe Straight is designed to alleviate discomfort and does not correct a hammertoe. The product should offer relief and enable you to wear shoes more comfortably. You can wear the Toe Straight every day for up to 18 hours per day. There is an instructional video on the product page of the website you can view to ensure you are wearing the product correctly.
Does the Toe Straight come in different sizes?
Right now we only make the Toe Straight in one size- which will fit most feet and toes.



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