Dry, cracked feet? Get instant relief with HEEL RESCUE FOOT CREAM with moisture-rich Argan Oil

Got heel pain?  Step pain-free with Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics, they’re clinically proven!

Flex – Tastic, One Pair

5 minutes a day & foot pain goes away!

Separadores de dedos Flex-Tastic, un par

¡5 minutos por día y el dolor desaparece!
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Feels great!
I just received these today but I'm already loving how they make my feet feel. I have horrible pain across the top of my foot and this seems to be helping. So far, so good. FancyFeet
It doesn’t always take a trip to the spa to pamper your feet. Just slip on a pair of Flex-Tastic gel massagers for 5 minutes and you’ll swear you heard your feet say, “Thank you!” Their professional design means they don’t just separate your toes; they align them. And that relieves joint and muscle pain from being on your feet all day.
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  • Massages and relieves sore feet
  • Straightens and realigns problem toes
  • Restores flexibility and circulation
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