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Goodnight Bunion

Gently realigns tight tendons & muscles while you sleep

Goodnight Bunion

Endereza suavemente tendones y músculos tensos mientras duerme
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I just started this last night it fit great so far woke this morning with no pain in my feet and sleep with them on all night long so far so good best thing I have found ladypanther
To relieve bunion pain the best place to start is a good night’s rest. Just use this professional bunion regulator that gently repositions your big-toe to relieve pressure and discomfort while you sleep (and dream of all the places you’ll walk pain free).
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  • Gently realigns tight tendons and muscles in your foot while you sleep
  • Podiatrist recommended
  • A non-invasive alternative to surgery
How can I be sure I am using the Goodnight Bunion correctly?
There is an instructional video for the Goodnight Bunion on the products’ page of this website.
Can a person with diabetes use Goodnight Bunion?
We do not recommend the Goodnight Bunion for diabetics in case you have circulation issues. Consult with your physician about your use of the product.
What if the strap on the Goodnight Bunion breaks?
Please email [email protected] for a replacement strap.
Can the Goodnight Bunion be worn with shoes?
No, the Goodnight Bunion is not designed to be worn in shoes. Do not walk while the Goodnight Bunion is in place on your foot. Wear the Goodnight Bunion while you relax or sleep.
Does the Goodnight Bunion come in different sizes.
No, the Goodnight Bunion comes in only one size that will fit most feet.
Are the Goodnight Bunion marked "right" & "left"? Or can they be used interchangeably?
The Goodnight Bunion pair come with a right and a left. It is indicated on the white plastic part that your big toe goes into; above the PROFOOT logo.
How long do I have to use the Goodnight Bunion before I see results?
The only true way to cure a bunion would be surgery. The Goodnight Bunion device provides pain relief during wear by gently stretching the toe into a more normal position. The Goodnight Bunion should not be worn too tight that it becomes uncomfortable. Stop wearing poor fitting or tight shoes to help prevent further development of the bunion.

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