Dry, cracked feet? Get instant relief with HEEL RESCUE FOOT CREAM with moisture-rich Argan Oil

Got heel pain?  Step pain-free with Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics, they’re clinically proven!

Toe Bandages

Wrap your toes in cushioned comfort
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Work on toes and fingers to protect from blisters
I have palsy in my foot, my toes curl under when in the shoe. I cant feel them til blisters appear. The wraps help to keep my toes straight and stops the blisters from forming. 49ford
Just socks – even cushy new ones – aren’t enough for sore toes. PROFOOT Toe Bandages slip on easily, providing complete toe protection, even between toes (where socks, adhesive bandages, and corn cushion can’t). So you get instant relief for sore and painful toes.
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  • Extra soft, trim to fit
  • Comfortable in all types of shoes
  • Can be used in place of corn cushions
  • Contains three 4" length bandages

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