The better your feet feel, the more you can do. That’s why at PROFOOT, we only make the highest quality products with the best materials so your feet can be free of pain, and never hold you back.


    Feeling good is your #1 goal, but taking care of your feet is often a low priority. Try this benefit packed Triad® Orthotic that's clinically proven to relieve knee, leg, and back pain and get one step closer to feeling good.


    You can have smooth, soft feet and heels with our superior moisturizing foot cream. With Argan oil and antioxidants this luxurious cream repairs your cracked, calloused, and dry feet. Go ahead and get relief.


Finally! I’m on my feet all day for work and I’ve tried everything to relieve the pain of Plantar Fasciitis, and this is the first product that has allowed me to continue to be active. And not feel terrible pain at the end of the day. I highly recommend!

Kevin W., Brooklyn, NY

I am suffering with severe plantar fasciitis and have done aloe of reading about it in the Internet. These inserts got very good reviews so I bought a pair and they are beyond wonderful. I have high arches and these inserts are exactlty what my foot needed.


Love PROFOOT insoles over the more expensive brand. I have been using these PROFOOT Triad Orthotics fur a couple of years now. I’m on my feet for work 6 hours a day, and these nearly doubled the life of my shoes. LOVE MY PROFOOT inserts for the comfort, support, and longevity


The soles of my feet had been hurting me so I tried these. What a difference! I couldn’t believe the level of comfort and relief that they added. I’ll be getting more of these for my other shoes.


I have worn these insoles for a year now and love them. I am on my feet for 13 hours some days and no other insole even compares. I will never buy another brand other than Profoot.


I finally found something that is comfortable, doesn’t slip or move and that will really take your pain away! The cost is great too! I will buy 6 packages next time!


Tricky Vibes – “Save your feet, make them happy. Much needed relief for neck, back, and leg pain.”

Mommy Makes Time – “If you are like me and spend a lot of time on your feet, this is a lifesaver”

Despierta America, Roberto Hernández – “Triad protects your back, knees and legs by aligning the foot.”

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Instagram post 2319880308030645517_2056638238 Until we've emerged from social distancing and can get proper pedis, reach for our silky-smooth Heel Rescue to repair cracks and soothe dryness.
Instagram post 2318310443670979665_2056638238 Research shows that plantar fasciitis is most likely to affect people who have very low or very high arches. If you've been feeling the pain, our Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic is guaranteed to provide some serious relief.
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Instagram post 2309603571698869422_2056638238 Whether you're taking laps around the house or running up and down the stairs, don't let bad knees get in the way. Our Triad Orthotics come complete with three zones of foot support.
Instagram post 2305794977219623630_2056638238 It's no secret that motherhood = constant movement (even if it's around the house). 😊Remember that PROFOOT is here to support you -- today and every day. Happy Mother's Day!
Instagram post 2304040413991171496_2056638238 Not only is our Heel Rescue cream great for hands that are dried out from washing and sanitizers, it also has a hands-free pump!
Instagram post 2302390040830398678_2056638238 There couldn’t be a better time to express our deepest gratitude for the thousands of nurses and teachers putting their hearts, souls and LIVES on the line for our safety and education during this historic time. Happy International Nurses and Teacher Appreciation Days – you are invaluable.