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Knee, leg and back pain is often caused by improper foot support - or bad shoes. PROFOOT offers a variety of insert and insole replacements that give you support where you need it the most, changing the way your entire body feels and functions so you can keep moving.


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Love that pair of shoes but dread wearing them? We know the feeling. Smooshed toes, bunions and painful corns can be unbearable. PROFOOT has solutions for pain relief that will make you - and your toes - love those shoes again.


Does the dry skin on your toes and heel catch on your sock or stockings? PROFOOT is here to help smooth your rough edges. Non-greasy and fast-absorbing, PROFOOT's luxurious lotions are specially formulated to smooth the toughest of feet.


Does the thought of going barefoot make you cringe? Toe-bed fungus can be embarrassing and unsightly. PROFOOT's innovative solutions contain the only FDA approved ingredient that CURES and PREVENTS foot fungus. Go for it.

Did You Know?

More than half of Americans suffer from some sort of foot pain but only 1 in 5 do something about it. You're not alone. Browse our articles to learn more about foot health and some of the most common sources of foot pain. Knowledge to stay active.

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