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Why does the ProClearz Fungal Shield instructions say not effective on the scalp or nails?
Fungus spreads to your nail from underneath the skin. The liquid will not penetrate through the nail to get to the skin. Applying the liquid directly on your skin is effective for curing fungus. Fungus can spread to your cuticles, nail beds and even the nails themselves. If the nail is intact, meaning not cracked, the liquid may not be able to penetrate the hard nail which is why the package says that it is not effective on the nail.
Is Heel Rescue Foot Cream safe to use on other areas of your body?
Yes, you can use this cream to moisturize your entire body. Please be careful to avoid eyes, nose, ears and mouth.
Do the Triad Orthotics come in a full length?
No, the Triad Orthotics are specifically made to a ¾ length to target areas such as the Ball of Foot, Arch and Heel. Further, it eliminates crowding of the toe area to ensure a comfortable fit.
Where can I purchase the Original 2oz. Miracle Insole in baby blue (women) and black (men)?
These popular insoles are available on
How long do I have to use the Goodnight Bunion before I see results?
The only true way to cure a bunion would be surgery. The Goodnight Bunion device provides pain relief during wear by gently stretching the toe into a more normal position. The Goodnight Bunion should not be worn too tight that it becomes uncomfortable. Stop wearing poor fitting or tight shoes to help prevent further development of the bunion.
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