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Where can I purchase PROFOOT products?
PROFOOT products can be purchased at most major retailers- please check the PROFOOT.co website to see what PROFOOT products each retailer stocks. Also, check online at www.amazon.com or www.drugstore.com.
Can I buy products direct from PROFOOT Inc.?
No, sorry. PROFOOT is a manufacturer, we do not sell to consumers directly.
How can I set up an account for my business with PROFOOT Inc.?
You can email PROFOOT at [email protected] for inquires and your email will be directed to our Sales Team.
Do your insoles come in different sizes?
No, our 3/4 insoles come in one size for Women, sizes 6-10, and one size for Men, sizes 8-13. Our full insoles can be trimmed along size lines with a sharp scissor to fit your shoe. We always suggest trimming to 1 size larger first and check for fit.
How do I wash my PROFOOT product?
All PROFOOT products can be hand washed with warm water and air dried. For our Vita- Gel products, sprinkle with corn starch once dry. Do not machine wash any of the products.
Do any of your products contain latex?
None of our PROFOOT products contain natural latex which is often the cause of allergic reactions. Our double cushion insoles, corn and callus cushions contain synthetic latex which is hypoallergenic.
How long will my Insoles or Specialty Inserts last?
Most of your PROFOOT Insoles/Specialty Inserts will last for 6 months. The Miracle custom-molding insert may need to be replaced after 3 months. Longevity will depend on how often they are worn and your activity level while wearing them.
Can I wear just one insole in one foot?
No, we recommend you always wear the insoles as a pair- one in each shoe. If you have a leg length discrepancy- please consult with a medical professional prior to use.
Which side of the Ultra-Gel Insoles faces up?
The gel side faces down and the soft fabric side faces up. Your foot steps on the soft-cushion fabric side.
Do the Triad Orthotics come in a full length?
No, the Triad Orthotics are specifically made to a ¾ length to target areas such as the Ball of Foot, Arch and Heel. Further, it eliminates crowding of the toe area to ensure a comfortable fit.
Where can I purchase replacement blades for the Callus Trimmer?
Unfortunately, we do not sell the blades separately. Most standard blades purchased on Amazon will fit.
Where can I purchase the lilac & white (women) and the blue on blue (men) 2oz. Miracle Insoles?
These particular insoles can be purchased through www.Walgreens.com and www.amazon.com
Where can I purchase the Original 2oz. Miracle Insole in baby blue (women) and black (men)?
These popular insoles are available on www.amazon.com.
How can I be sure I am using the Goodnight Bunion correctly?
There is an instructional video for the Goodnight Bunion on the products’ page of this website.
Can a person with diabetes use Goodnight Bunion?
We do not recommend the Goodnight Bunion for diabetics in case you have circulation issues. Consult with your physician about your use of the product.
What if the strap on the Goodnight Bunion breaks?
Please email [email protected] for a replacement strap.
Can the Goodnight Bunion be worn with shoes?
No, the Goodnight Bunion is not designed to be worn in shoes. Do not walk while the Goodnight Bunion is in place on your foot. Wear the Goodnight Bunion while you relax or sleep.
Does the Goodnight Bunion come in different sizes.
No, the Goodnight Bunion comes in only one size that will fit most feet.
Are the Goodnight Bunion marked "right" & "left"? Or can they be used interchangeably?
The Goodnight Bunion pair come with a right and a left. It is indicated on the white plastic part that your big toe goes into; above the PROFOOT logo.
How long do I have to use the Goodnight Bunion before I see results?
The only true way to cure a bunion would be surgery. The Goodnight Bunion device provides pain relief during wear by gently stretching the toe into a more normal position. The Goodnight Bunion should not be worn too tight that it becomes uncomfortable. Stop wearing poor fitting or tight shoes to help prevent further development of the bunion.
When using the PROFOOT Toe Straight, how long does it take to see an improvement of the toe? Do you wear it every day?
Toe Straight is designed to alleviate discomfort and does not correct a hammertoe. The product should offer relief and enable you to wear shoes more comfortably. You can wear the Toe Straight every day for up to 18 hours per day. There is an instructional video on the product page of the website www.PROFOOT.co- you can view to ensure you are wearing the product correctly.
Does the Toe Straight come in different sizes?
Right now we only make the Toe Straight in one size- which will fit most feet and toes.
Does the Toe-Kini come in different sizes?
The Toe-Kini comes in only one size, Women’s 5-9. Toe-Kini is designed to be snug, but shouldn’t be uncomfortable.
Can I wear Toe-Kini if I have diabetes?
We do not recommended Toe-Kini to customers with diabetes as this may cause circulatory issues. Consult your physician for use recommendations.
Refunds & Replacements
Returning something? Print this form.

Refunds- can be issued with proof-of-purchase such as a receipt or barcode from product packaging.
Mail in receipt (for full refund) or the Barcode (for partial refund) to:
919 Fairmont Avenue
Elizabeth, NJ, 07201
Replacement- Send a proof-of-purchase with a request to the address above. Do not mail in products.
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