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High Arch Foot Pain: Causes & Treatment

You stay busy living your life to the fullest extent. Not only do you meet your own challenges head-on, but you’re there to help family and friends meet theirs as well. Sometimes, you need a little extra support for yourself, especially if you experience high arch foot pain. Proper high arch support can help ease the ache that comes with high arches, and can support you through your most active times.

What Does It Mean to Have High Arches?

The arch of your foot is made up of the tarsal and metatarsal bones, as well as ligaments and tendons for support. These bones enable you to stand, walk, or run by supporting and keeping your weight distributed evenly for balance. When these parts of your foot arch too high, it forces too much weight on to the ball and heel of the foot. This condition, called pes cavus, can lead to insufficient shock absorption and often to foot pain.

Common Problems

If you have high arches, you may find you have a shortened foot length. It may be difficult to find shoes that fit properly. You may also experience significant foot pain while standing, walking, or running. Some people with high arches can also experience hammertoes or claw toes, excessive calluses, or instability in the gait that can lead to ankle sprains.  It is very important to protect the fat pad from atrophy as well.  This commonly happens over time especially in people with high arches.

How to Treat a High-Arched Cavus Foot

In very extreme cases, surgery may be required to relieve high arch foot pain. In most cases, however, nonsurgical treatment has a great effect. Select shoes with high tops for ankle support, as well as shoes with wide enough heels for proper stability.  Cushioning is of the highest importance in people with high arches, since their foot doesn’t naturally absorb as much shock as a neutral or flat foot.

High Arch Support Options

High arch support inserts and other orthotic shoe insoles can provide the additional support and cushioning you need to mitigate the symptoms of high arches. These products assist in distributing weight across the entire foot, as well as absorbing shocks during periods of heavy activity. Quality high arch insoles will also provide stability to help prevent strains and sprains.

Selecting the Right High Arch Support Insoles or Inserts  for You

Choose high arch support orthotics made of durable materials for the best support and the longest wear. Look for insoles bearing the approval of trustworthy clinical groups, such as the American Podiatric Medical Association. Good insoles will not only ease your high arch foot pain, but will add life to your favorite shoes as well.

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