Stress Relief Insole, Women’s

Plantilla para aliviar estrés, damas

The most comfortable insole you will ever wear! ¡La plantilla más cómoda que jamás usará!
Comfortable! Out of all of the insoles I’ve tried these are the best. They keep my feet from hurting even after 12 hours and 5-10 miles in my work boots. Brooke
¡Cómodo! De todas las plantillas que he probado estas son las mejores. Evitan que me duelan los pies incluso después de 12 horas y 8 a 13 km con mis botas de trabajo. Brooke

Stress Relief Insole, Women’s

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Actively reduce stress and fatigue with every step you take on pressure relieving SR technology. Walking on stress ball material can help rehabilitate foot, muscles weakened by overuse or injuries. These lightweight insoles act like a stress ball for your feet by sending relaxation, soothing sensations through the body triggering a relaxed state for the ultimate comfort and all day relief.

Reduzca activamente el estrés y la fatiga con cada paso que dé sobre tecnología SR de alivio de la presión. Caminar sobre materiales antiestrés puede ayudar a rehabilitar músculos del pie que están debilitados por el exceso de uso o lesiones. Estas livianas plantillas actúan como una pelota antiestrés para sus pies enviando al cuerpo sensaciones calmantes y relajantes y disparando un estado de relajación para tener el máximo confort y alivio todo el día.

  • Pressure relieving “SRSR technology” is lightweight and provides stress ball sensation triggering comfortable feel.
  • La "tecnología SRSR" de alivio de la presión es liviana y brinda sensación de pelota antiestrés que produce confort.
  • State-of-the-art cushion is ~2x lighter than competition
  • Una almohadilla de avanzada aproximadamente 2 veces más liviana que las de los competidores
  • Repetitive steps on lightweight slow recovery material provides soothing sensations that reflex through entire body sending relaxation messaging reducing pain overall.
  • Dar uno y otro paso sobre este material liviano de recuperación lenta proporciona una sensación de alivio que se refleja en todo el cuerpo y envía mensajes de relajación que reducen el dolor.
  • The muscles in your feet can become weak from numerous conditions; such as overuse, arthritis, fractures or sprains, walking on stress ball materials can help to rehabilitate and strengthen your feet
  • Los músculos de pie podrían debilitarse debido a numerosas condiciones, como exceso de uso, artritis, fracturas o esguinces; caminar sobre materiales antiestrés puede ayudar a rehabilitar y fortalecer los pies
Do your insoles come in different sizes?
No, our 3/4 insoles come in one size for Women, sizes 6-10, and one size for Men, sizes 8-13. Our full insoles can be trimmed along size lines with a sharp scissor to fit your shoe. We always suggest trimming to 1 size larger first and check for fit.
How do I wash my PROFOOT product?
All PROFOOT products can be hand washed with warm water and air dried. For our Vita- Gel products, sprinkle with corn starch once dry. Do not machine wash any of the products.
Do any of your products contain latex?
None of our PROFOOT products contain natural latex which is often the cause of allergic reactions. Our double cushion insoles, corn and callus cushions contain synthetic latex which is hypoallergenic.
How long will my Insoles or Specialty Inserts last?
Most of your PROFOOT Insoles/Specialty Inserts will last for 6 months. The Miracle custom-molding insert may need to be replaced after 3 months. Longevity will depend on how often they are worn and your activity level while wearing them.
Can I wear just one insole in one foot?
No, we recommend you always wear the insoles as a pair- one in each shoe. If you have a leg length discrepancy- please consult with a medical professional prior to use.



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