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Got heel pain?  Step pain-free with Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics, they’re clinically proven!

Flat Fix, Women’s

Orthotic comfort for flat feet and low arches
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Best of dozens I've tried
Serious back problems and finally found relief with these inserts. Far better than the $300 doctor prescribed orthotics. Boldreader
Walk tall and comfortably with PROFOOT’s Flat Fix insole. Its adaptive arch support helps flatter feet while the heel cradling support provides ample cushioning. It’s the perfect combination for people with flat or low arches.
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  • Flexible shell provides personalized support for low arches
  • Vita-Foam custom molds to your foot to provide personalized cushioned comfort
  • Trampoline-effect heel absorbs over 20 lbs. of shock with each step

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