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Toe – Kini

Protect the balls of your feet


Protege las almohadillas del pie
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My feet are pain free without medication
I have flat feet and get severe pain in the joint of my big toe on the ball of each foot. I found PROFOOT Toe-Kini, thankfully, and when my feet start to hurt I put them on and the pain goes away. Nothing else has worked, not OTC or prescription pain medications. Best thing I have ever found MetalMom
Leave the extra pair of flip-flops or flats at home and get ready to enjoy your heels all day and all night. The PROFOOT Toe-Kini cushions and protects your feet so you can strut into the boardroom, through the office, or sashay across the dance floor with the look of confidence that only comes from comfortable feet in fancy shoes.
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  • Cushions and protects feet
  • Ideal for high heels, flats, open toes, sneakers, and sandals
  • Use for work, gym, dance, and more
Does the Toe-Kini come in different sizes?
The Toe-Kini comes in only one size, Women’s 5-9. Toe-Kini is designed to be snug, but shouldn’t be uncomfortable.
Can I wear Toe-Kini if I have diabetes?
We do not recommended Toe-Kini to customers with diabetes as this may cause circulatory issues. Consult your physician for use recommendations.

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