Ultra Gel, Men’s

Ultra gel, caballeros

Amazing comfort, orthotic support Confort sorprendente, plantilla ortopédica
TIP: Great relief for when you're standing all day. Soft top fabric is very comfortable.

Ultra Gel, Men’s

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Product Details
Imagine your feet getting more comfortable the longer you walk. That’s what happens with our Ultra Gel insoles. With two types of gels designed to support your arches and cushion your heel, every step you take will be more comfortable than the last.
  • Double the comfort with 2-layers of gel
  • Blue Gel for comfort and shock protection
  • Red Gel for orthotic support
  • Also available in Women's
Which side of the Ultra-Gel Insoles faces up?
The gel side faces down and the soft fabric side faces up. Your foot steps on the soft-cushion fabric side.