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Toe Pouches

Wraparound gel cushion for maximum comfort

Bolsas para dedos del pie

Envuelven los dedos en una almohadilla de gel para máximo confort
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I'm on my feet all day at school, and my feet--especially my toes--often hurt a lot. These pouches have helped tremendously! Bebe
Professional dancers have been using Toe Pouches to protect their feet for years, so we thought it was about time for everyone to have the comfort and support that they provide. Now modified for everyday shoes, Toe Pouches™ will keep your feet happy, protecting and soothing them no matter how high the stiletto or how thin the flat.
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  • Vanishes completely inside your shoe with non-fraying material, you can trim to fit
  • Luxurious gel construction
  • Nearly invisible sheer fabric cover
  • Full protection for all toes and metatarsals
  • Great for flats too
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