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ProClearz Anti-Fungal Pen

Only active ingredient clinically proven to cure & prevent fungal infections

Lápiz ProClearz para hongos en las uñas

Un solo ingrediente activo clínicamente comprobado para curar y prevenir infecciones causadas por hongos
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Bought this several months ago - has helped my fungus on finger nails and toes. Not completely cured but better than anything I have purchased before. pcjac
ProClearz Anti-Fungal Pen contains the only active ingredient clinically proven to cure and prevent fungal infections on skin around, adjacent to, and under nails. The convenient pen dispenser has a superfine tip that reaches infected areas others can’t.
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  • Kills the fungus that affects healthy nails
  • Maximum strength without a prescription
  • Dries quickly, dries clear
  • No unpleasant odor
What if my pet drank or ingested one of the products?
If your pet or someone ingested some of the solution or cream do not call PROFOOT. Call the Poison Control Center immediately at 1-800-222-1222 and have the package bottle or jar handy for reference.
Why do the ProClearz instructions say not effective on the scalp or nails?
Fungus spreads to your nail from underneath the skin. The liquid will not penetrate through the nail to get to the skin. Applying the liquid directly on your skin is effective for curing fungus. Fungus can spread to your cuticles, nail beds and even the nails themselves. If the nail is intact, meaning not cracked, the liquid may not be able to penetrate the hard nail which is why the package says that it is not effective on the nail.
How long will it take to cure my nail fungus?
That depends on the individual. Consistency is key in curing nail fungus. It can generally take a few months to see improvement sometimes longer as the nail needs to grow out. When you see improvement, continue to use the product twice daily until a full, healthy new nail has grown in.
What is the best way to treat my nail fungus?
Keep your feet clean and dry and ventilated as long and as often as you can. Cut nails very short and file nail down as low as you can. It is important to apply product on your skin twice per day, every day.
Is it normal for my nail to fall off?
In some cases, the nail has been infected for quite some time causing the nail to separate from your skin. This can be beneficial as now you can apply the product directly onto the infected nail bed. Usually the nail will grow back healthy if you continue to follow the instructions properly.
Can I wear nail polish while using ProClearz?
Yes. ProClearz has an inactive ingredient called acetone. Acetone is known as a nail polish remover. However, the product is to be applied on the skin around and under your nail not on the nail itself. Please see instructions.
Can I use the ProClearz product more than twice a day? Are there side effects?
The FDA recommends the use of this product twice per day, morning and evening. ProClearz contains the active ingredient tolnaftate which is proven to both cure and prevent fungus. You may continue to use ProClearz twice daily to prevent the recurrence and spread of fungus. ProClearz does not have any side effects when used as directed.
How can I get the ProClearz Cream to release from the pen?
If you are having difficulty with getting the cream out, leave the pen facing down overnight or hit the pen in the palm of your hand as you would a bottle of ketchup and the cream should start moving its way to the end of the brush.

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