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  • At PROFOOT we are the footcare experts, innovating to create a selection of footcare products to help pain and provide comfort.
  • Award winning, time tested and proven products help keep you moving like Triad Orthotic, a  triple threat pain solution for knee, leg and back pain.
  • Or try our Plantar Fasciitis which clinically proven to stop plantar pain. And many more!
  • Now we have a product that helps stop pain by targeting the root cause- bad posture.
  • PROFOOT Good Posture Insoles.  The design that aligns. Knee, leg & back pain is often caused by bad alignment, or improper foot support.
  • PROFOOT’s new Good Posture Insole offers a Stabilizing Heel Cup to improve posture & reduce pronation; An Adaptive Arch Support, reinforces your arch to ensure back support and promote spinal strengthening.
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