2oz. Miracle Insoles, Men’s

Plantillas Miracle de 2 oz, caballeros

Custom Molding Insoles for custom comfort Plantillas acolchadas moldeadas para confort personalizado
Miracle? You Bet!!!
I've been using these for years. I spend 9 to 12 hours a day on my feet at my job and this is the best solution to foot and lower back pain I've ever found. With these, every pair of work shoes I buy instantly becomes a custom fit. James

2oz. Miracle Insoles, Men’s

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You don’t have “problem feet”, you just haven’t discovered the PROFOOT 2oz. Miracle insole yet. Its unique 2-layer design molds exactly to the shape of your feet to ease pain. The bottom layer is a shock absorber that lifts your arch and stabilizes your heel while cushioning the impact from walking. The top layer is an advanced memory-foam that adapts to the shape of your foot as you walk. Within an hour, the 2oz. Miracle insole will feel like it was custom fit for any pair of shoes, and its ultra-light construction will have you wondering if it’s even there.

No es que tenga “pies problemáticos”, simplemente aún no ha descubierto la plantilla Miracle de 2 onzas de PROFOOT. Su diseño especial de 2 capas se amolda exactamente a la forma de sus pies para calmar el dolor. La capa inferior actúa como amortiguador de golpes levantando su arco y estabiliza su talón acolchando el impacto de caminar. La capa superior es una espuma viscoelástica (con memoria) de avanzada que se adapta a la forma de su pie mientras camina. Al cabo de una hora, la plantilla Miracle de 2 onzas se sentirá como hecha a medida para cualquier par de zapatos, y su construcción ultraliviana lo hará preguntarse incluso si está allí.

  • Custom comfort from heel to toe
  • Confort a medida de talón a dedo
  • Fast relief for sore feet Instantly molds like custom orthotics
  • Rápido alivio del dolor de pie que se amolda al instante como la ortopedia a medida
  • One pair, fits all sizes
  • Un solo par, se adapta a todos las medidas
  • Also available in Women's
  • También disponible en Women's
Do your insoles come in different sizes?
No, our 3/4 insoles come in one size for Women, sizes 6-10, and one size for Men, sizes 8-13. Our full insoles can be trimmed along size lines with a sharp scissor to fit your shoe. We always suggest trimming to 1 size larger first and check for fit.
How do I wash my PROFOOT product?
All PROFOOT products can be hand washed with warm water and air dried. For our Vita- Gel products, sprinkle with corn starch once dry. Do not machine wash any of the products.
Do any of your products contain latex?
None of our PROFOOT products contain natural latex which is often the cause of allergic reactions. Our double cushion insoles, corn and callus cushions contain synthetic latex which is hypoallergenic.
How long will my Insoles or Specialty Inserts last?
Most of your PROFOOT Insoles/Specialty Inserts will last for 6 months. The Miracle custom-molding insert may need to be replaced after 3 months. Longevity will depend on how often they are worn and your activity level while wearing them.
Can I wear just one insole in one foot?
No, we recommend you always wear the insoles as a pair- one in each shoe. If you have a leg length discrepancy- please consult with a medical professional prior to use.
Where can I purchase the lilac & white (women) and the blue on blue (men) 2oz. Miracle Insoles?
These particular insoles can be purchased through www.Walgreens.com and www.amazon.com
Where can I purchase the Original 2oz. Miracle Insole in baby blue (women) and black (men)?
These popular insoles are available on www.amazon.com.



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